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[O2 Connect] Free VoIP Calls Offered By O2,UK's Largest Phone Network

Recent days, the traditional phoneline service providers are marching into VoIP realm. We just mentioned that Bobsled,powered by T-mobile,is offering free phone calls and free mobile calls to your Facebook friends. There is another great news for you, if you are living in UK or if you are using O2, the UK’s largest phone network. O2 is trying a new style of service which allows you to make free calls and send free text messages to your friends over the web. This new VoIP service is called O2 Connect. Continue reading

[airtouchlinks] Up To 100 Minutes Free International Calls Worth $1 Free Calling Credit

Hello , dear readers, welcome back to this free phone calls blog. Today I bring new free VoIP calls to all of you. But before you can enjoy this free international calls,please do me a favor. Simply follow our Facebook fanpage and subscribe to this free calls blog. We have covered many free international calls and cheap international calls in all our free calls posts. And many of  those free call resources are connected with access number,which means you need to dial a local access number before you are connected to the destination number. And today’s free call I want share with you are also calling card resource. Today’s free calls is airtouchlinks.com. Airtouchlinks is offering $1 free trial calling credit,with which you can call up to 100 minutes free international calls to some countries. What a cheap rate! Continue reading

[sagevone] 60 Minutes Free Phone Calls For Only 1 Cent

Hello, everyone. Before we are here to introduce another free call news or free call deals, I would like to announce two another winners of our recent $30VOXOX free calling giveaway. Awing was the first winner to get $10 free calling credit, and the second one is rao916  , the third one is yiyi.  Congratulations! And thanks again for everyone who are following this blog. Without your support and help, I can not go so far. Hope everyone find free calls here,enjoy your free calls here. And today I want to introduce another free call chances. SageVone is offering 60 minutes free call chance for a free call trial. If you are using a credit card, just give it a try. It will charge your account for only 1 cent and you will  be able to make up to 1 hour free international calls from your mobiles and landlines.  Continue reading