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Call2Friends—Cheap or Even Free International Calls To Most Nations!

Nowadays, there are more and more websites that offers cheap or even TOLL FREE international calls via VoIP. In the previous posts, we have discussed such websites like Evaphone, Kakao Talk, Loudclear and so on. If you are a loyal reader of our website, then, congratulations, you will find another easy-to-use website that provides cheap and toll free international calls in our post toady. This website is call2friends.com, which allows its users to make cheap or free international calls to most of the nations like China, USA, United Kingdom and etc. As call2friends.com is a website adopting VoIP, all you need is a computer, decent Internet connection, a headset and a microphone. If you are interested in this website and want to enjoy cheap and toll free international calls, please read on for more information.

How to Make TOLL FREE CALLS from Your Browser?

  1. Go to http://call2friends.com/. Before making free international calls, you are supposed to checkwhether your calling destinations are listed among “Free Destions” or not.
  2. Click “Free Destions” and you will be directed to a page to verify your calling destinations. You can either find your calling destinations and free talking time on the list, or you can enter the phone number into the field and the free talking time will be displayed. Currently, the free talking time of international calls is restricted to 60 seconds.
  3. Go back to the home page and enter the number into the field, click the green “calling” button, and you can enjoy toll free international calls for up to 60 seconds.

How to Make Cheap International Calls from Your Browser?

If you finish the registration procedure and become a member of Call2Friends, you will reap the following benefits:

  1. Limited amount of TOLL FREE Internet calls to ANYWHERE per day.
  2. Cheaper international calls than those offered by Skype. For more information of the calling rates, please click HERE.
  3. Limited number of FREE SMS to your friends and families each day.
  4. Latest news about the innovations concerning VoIP and TOLL FREE CALLS.

Call2Friends offers a free and high quality communications to people around the globe. If you want to enjoy cheap or free international calls offered by this website, just act now and donnot delay!