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[Review] Receive SMS Online with a Dedicated Number for Free

Generally speaking, there are about 3 cases you want to use a dedicated or disposable phone number to receive SMS (Text messages) online. The first one is you want to keep your real phone to only yourself. Such as your ex-girlfriend want to send you some messages . Continue reading

[Lleida] Review of a Free Internet SMS Receiver and Sender

Sending Free International SMS Online is not tickler .Yet having an exclusive virtual phone number to receive SMS is no piece of cake. Google Voice manages to realise both by giving free US phone number.  With a Google Voice in your hand,you are able to send and receive unlimited free SMS online. Continue reading

[Whistle] Unlimited Free Calls to US and a Free Phone Number in US

Google Voice has made it nothing new to make unlimited free calls to US  and Canada. But Google Voice does not support sip which means your phone will be engaged to make a call. Whistle service is a free phone service that allows you to call any US phone number for free from any where in the world,what’s more you can configure Whisle’s SIP on you ATA device,which is better than Google Voice in this aspect.

So let’s get started with Whistle ,below is the installation steps: Continue reading

[Anveo] A Premium Alternative to Google Voice

Recent days my site received a lot of traffic from Google by searching the key word “ alternative to Google Voice” ,which generated my interest to get a further understanding of this question. As a rresult, I have discovered several possible alternatives to Google Voice. The first premium alternative come to be Anveo.In previous post,I have covered [anveo]60 minutes limited time offer. And in this post I will give a detailed review of Anveo and introduce some great service Anveo offers.

Voice 2.0 solutions for Customers: Continue reading

[Ipcomms] Free DID Trial To Receive Calls Online

IPcomms——Free DID

IPcomms——Free DID

Hi my dear friends, have you ever been thinking about figuring out a way out to protect your privacy and identity ? Have you ever been wondering how to save on your phone bills? If the answer comes to be YES,please read on.In my previous posts, I have brought some free DID service such as Google Voice ,IpKall ,SpiKKo and many other free DID service providers. And today I will introduce a new DID service provider——Ipcomms. Ipcomms offers a free DID to try their free call service. Continue reading

[virtualglobalphone] Free UK/US DID and 10 Minutes of Free Talk Time

virtualglobalphone-Free DID

virtualglobalphone-Free DID

In several previous posts,I have introduced many free DIDs in UK,free DIDs in US. And today I would like to bring another free DID service provider. VirtualGlobalPhone offer free DID trial chance and free call minutes to new accounts.  VirtualGlobalPhone provide local phone number in more than 40+ countries. When someone calls your International Virtual number, the call is automatically forwarded to your destination by the system. Continue reading

[Phonebooth]An Alternative to Google Voice——A Local Phone Number

Hi to dear fellowers of my blog,today I will introduce  you a free US DID. Phonebooth Free seems to be an fascinating phone assistance for tiny businesses. The caompany gives a cost-free DID to the area where you  work or study. It goes as a chanllenging  alternative to Google Voice, and also offers a paid upgrade for calling out. Continue reading