[Pinger] Get a Free US Pinger Number To Send and Receive SMS Online

Using Google Voice to receive SMS online? Considering some alternatives to Google Voice? You should take Pinger! Pinger is more powerful than Google Voice in the SMS part. Pinger offers a free US pinger number for you to send and receive SMS online. This pinger number belongs only to you and you can use this pinger number to receive replies. What’s more, you can send free text messages to almost any country. That’s definitely more powerful than Google Voice for you can only send free SMS to US and Canada. 

In fact, we have covered Pinger in our previous post [Pinger] Free US Phone Number for Receive and Send SMS Online. Here we are giving a more detailed tutorial about how to get a pinger number and how to receive SMS online.

How to get a free Pinger Number?

Now, Pinger offers free pinger number to iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Web.In this post, we will show you how to get free pinger number from web and how to send and receive SMS online.

  1. Visit http://www.pinger.com/textfree/ . Click Create Account.
  2. Then you will be required to enter your ZIP Code. If you are not from USA or if you want to get a free pinger number which is not in your area,visit http://www.findazip.com/  to find a zip code and then find a desired pinger number.
  3. Then choose your pinger number, choose your free pinger number carefully for you can not this pinger number lately.
  4. Then your pinger number is ready. Login into your pinger account and you are ready to receive SMS online now.
  5. To send free text messages, just click the ” +” button, enter the destination number below ” Send text to” in an international format. For example, you want to send free SMS to UK, then enter number as ” 44+phone number”. If you want to send free text messages to China mobiles, enter number as” 8615155297654″.
  6. Then fill in the content you want to say, your messages will be delivered instantly.
  7. Click “Option” to change your signature for your SMS.

If you are using iPhone or Android smartphones, you are even more lucky besides getting free US pinger number to receive SMS online, you can even talk for free with Pinger.To get more information,please visit their official blog.

Besides send SMS and receive SMS online, voice calling, you can send free MMS or pictures with pinger number. Let’s save our words and allow you to explore more exciting feature of Pinger.

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