[ConfCall] International Conference Calls Service For Free

There are many free conferences call services providers emerging everyday.Conference Call is a phone call in which the originating party wants to get this call connected to more that 1 person. In most cases, participants are needed to dial the dial-in number and then be added to the conference calls. You might have seen many conference calls, but this one I am going to share is a little different. For this international conference calls provider covers areas and regions like Saudi Arabia and Middle East,where VoIP companies are often banned,even many big VoIP companies.

This free international conference call service provider is Confcall.net. Like other conference call sites,Confcall.net offers its free international conference calling service using gateway numbers,which are a group of geographic numbers.

To participate a conference call, you need to dial the access number in your country and enter the six-digit pin code. For Confcall.net is an international call provider, you can always hear a welcome message in English. As a master of this conference call, you need to tell 6 digit pin number to your follow participants in advance.

This international conferences is very useful to those small companies in Middle East and Saudi Arabia who want to have telephony conferencing.  If you are looking for such free conferences call provider, give it a try!


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